Alagappan Nagar, Madurai

Product Summary

SIZE : 30 X 25
SFT : 750
Printing Cost : 7500
Mounting Cost : 3750

Price: 67,500.00

Product Description

Hoarding ID ADMAHO 023
Media Type Hoarding
Lighting Type NON-LIGHTING
District MADURAI
Address Alagappan Nagar, Madurai
SIZE : 30 X 25
SFT : 750

Export date: Sun Jan 17 10:18:52 2021 / +0000 GMT

OOH Terms & conditions of Adinn

1. Purchase order to be released in the name of “Adinn Advertising Services Ltd., Madurai”.
2. Flex or flex Design approval should be given by client.
3. Cheque /DD in the favor of "Adinn Advertising Services Ltd.,"
4. GST is applicable as per Govt norms.
5. In case of any Natural calamities or flex damages during Campaign period flex printing & mounting cost should be given by client.
6. If any changes in Flex design during the campaign period the amount for printing & mounting should be paid by client.
7. Payment Terms of client should mention in their Purchase Order.